Ardhanareshwar Mala

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Lord Shiva is represented in the Ardhanarishwar form – which is a half male and half female icon. It is often said that this androgynous form shows that the masculine energy (Purusha) and feminine energy (Prakrithi) of the universe in a synthesis.

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Ruby zoisite is, a combination of earthy zoisite and fiery ruby. This particular crystal possesses the energy of patience and passion. This is also a stone of the heart, which balances the female and male energies within the body.

Healing Properties of Ruby Zorosite

  • Brings positive and happy feelings that will fight emotional diseases like depression
  • Re-energize the spirit with the passion that ruby has
  • Enhance the link between the heart and the brain

Welcome the energies around to transform yourself and feel invincible with the gorgeous Ardhanareshwar Mala.

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