Jatin Bracelet

Category: Mala

Price: $100.00

Great power and energy unite to form the Jatin bracelet that is the embodiment of strength and courage. Rise on the path of success and fulfilment as you sport this Bracelet.



Adorned by the Aqeeq and Chalcedony the bracelet reflects the golden rays of the sun to render the wearer strength and courage. With intense positive vibrations, the aqeeq stone is believed to have numerous positive influences on the mind. The Chalcedony stone is a stone that nurtures good will and harmony.

Together the two stones fuse their energies to create the potent Jatin mala that dissipates negative forces and emotions.

Healing Properties of Jatin Bracelet:

  • Chalcedony instils feelings of benevolence and generosity.
  • It lessens the effects of mental illnesses and calms the mind.
  • Aqeeq improves self-perception and balances the mind, body, and spirit creating harmony.

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