Lalataksha Mala

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Lalāṭākṣa is an epithet of Shiva, the one who has the all-seeing third eye. It creates a willpower to attain the goal aimed for.

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Of the three eyes of Shiva, the left eye indicates love; the right eye signifies justice and the third eye wisdom or intelligence. The third eye should be used in times of difficulty. The opening of the third eye means the disappearance of ignorance (darkness or pralaya).

Just like the name, Moonstone is a gem that derives its properties from planet Moon. Aventurine & Blood, a stone of prosperity reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. The organic gemstone ‘Coral’ (moonga) provides the necessary courage and enthusiasm required by an individual to surmount all the obstacles.

Healing Properties of Moonstone

  • Maintains emotional balance and spiritual concord 
  • Stimulate inner growth with intuition for its possessor

Healing Properties of Coral

  • Helps the wearer overcome his enemies and adversaries
  • Helps the wearer overcome his enemies and adversaries

Healing Properties of Aventurine & Blood

  • Stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity
  • Encourages regeneration of the heart

An amalgamation of these gemstones can enhance the auspiciousness of the planets seeking a strong protection against evil eye.

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