Mahakala Mala

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Mahākāla, a manifestation of Shiva, represents his fearsome form. The word Kāla, which appeared in the Shiva Sahasranama, signifies time, darkness, and emptiness of the celestial being.

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It explains how a single atom to the large cosmos has rhythmic and cyclical universal patterns of birth and dissolution.

Lacing together the divine powers of two incredible gemstones in these mala beads helps in strengthening your soul. The sublime combination of Emerald and Rudraksha beads activates the third eye chakra and helps clear your mind of negative thought patterns.

Known as the Stone of Success & Love, Emeralds soothes your emotional wellbeing and encourages self-love. Emerald crystals create positive outcomes, giving you the power to surmount any barriers in your life. Together with Emerald, Rudraksha dispels evil energy, negativity, and hostile forces.

Healing Benefits of Emerald and Rudraksha:

  1. Rudraksha endows wealth, health, knowledge, and confidence.
  2. The harmonious energies of Emerald stimulate positivity and understanding between the loved ones.
  3. Emerald gemstone is highly potent in treating speech related disorders, nervous system ailments, and respiratory tract allergies.

Experience a growing sense of oneness in your heart and mind along the path of your soul with this divine masterpiece!

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