Nataraja Mala

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Naṭarāja, an upstanding ‘Lord of Dance’, is a depiction of Lord Shiva as the divine dancer. His dance, Tandavam or Nadanta, is known to be the epitome of cyclic existence and energy.

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Nataraja symbolizes the bond between soul and the art, and it embodies Shiva as the lord of dance, encompassing- creation, destruction, and all things in between.

The Nataraj Mala is built of Azurite and Lepidolite stones. The stone Azurite cleanses and activates the third eye chakra and enhances creativity & inner wisdom, whereas, a ‘stone of transition’, Lepidolite assists in the reorganization of old behavior and psychological pattern.

Healing Properties of Azurite-

  1. Aligns all the chakras, stabilizes mood swings, and instills inner calm.

  2. Aids in spiritual connection and mental stability.

  3. Excellent for depression and exhaustion, it also has the power to block panic attacks.

Healing Properties of Lepidolite-

  1. Dissipates negativity and promotes emotional well-being.

  2. Calms down the hyperactive mind and reduces stress.

Nataraj Mala’s powerful stones together carve a pathway towards divinity.

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