Paramjyoti Mala

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Price: $100.00

The greatest splendor, Paramjyoti with the purest qualities of Shiva activates the inner reservoir of energy. This blissfully radiant mala is intricately beaded, finished with a faceted silver pendant with the Rudraksha.

SKU: OSM - 044


Rudraksha help sinners or who indulge in evil acts, become free from sins if they wear this.  A person, who wears it, becomes ambitious and all his planning’s and projects are accomplished. ·

  • Acts like a protective guard that safeguards from negative energy
  • Makes his wearer agile and extremely alert and active
  • Provides stability and good support

All the gods and goddesses become propitiated with the wearer of auspicious & powerful Rudraksha and fulfil all their desires.

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