Rudra Bracelet

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jagatăm pataye namaha  Homage to the Lord of the Universe.

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Be the “mightiest of the mighty”, be “the roarer”, and “the eliminator of evil”. In ancient Vedic texts, Rudra is the God of storms of howling winds, and the Lord of the Universe.

The Pukhraj and Lava Beads of the Rudra mala form the fiery core of your being with their potent effects and balancing properties. Lava beads especially are being used for centuries for cultural rituals. It is also believed that lava beads stabilize the root chakra owing to its powerful connection with the earth.

Healing effects of Lava Beads

  • Granting strength and courage to the wearer
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Its grounding effects can bring stability to the wearer
  • Porous lava beads make them perfect diffusers for essential oils

Benefits of Pukhraj

  • Grants fortune and prosperity to the wearer
  • Provides mental peace, courage, and happiness
  • Enables the wearer to attain greater solace with spirituality
  • Heals ailments related to skin and throat and regulate blood circulation

Imagine yourself to be the epitome of supremacy and fierceness as you create your own reservoir of energy with our Rudra mala.

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