Shambhunath Mala

Category: Mala

Price: $150.00

The activated Shambhunath mala protects your inner reservoir of energy to enable your soul radiate calm, push away the negativity and manifest greater channels of positivity and creative power.

SKU: OSM-006


“शं सुखं भक्तानां भावयतीति शंभु:”

The One who produces happiness to his devotees.

Hail the supreme Lord as you bow down to the one who is one that is self-created, self-sustained and independent. Lord Shiva emerges from a pillar of fire that has no source and no limits. The mala combines the powers of three incredible gemstones to strengthen your soul.

The red jasper supports the circulatory system, detoxifying the blood and strengthening the heart while the rose quartz resets the heart chakra, releases stress, and promotes circulation. The Jade stone is believed to promote wisdom, peace, and balance. Wear the Shambhunath Mala to bless your soul and manifest your intentions.

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