Trilokpati Mala

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Like, a thirsty person craves water, human souls have been occupied in search of God for ages. After separating from God, the soul experiences great suffering because birth, death, and the result of the performed deed have to be borne by them.

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na tvevāhaṁ jātu nāsaṁ na tvaṁ neme janādhipāḥ

na chaiva na bhaviṣhyāmaḥ sarve vayamataḥ param

“Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings of different worlds; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.”

However, to overcome this emotional trauma and attain divinity, Trilokpati Mala will help you in every step of your journey. Beads of Pink Opal is a love stone with a deep bond to the Heart Chakra. It works to heal our emotions and is often referred to as “The Stone of Resolution” as it works to recover us from our emotional scars and buried fears. A compassionate and nurturing stone, Pink Opal’s gentle vibration and calming pink color encourage the wearer’s mind into peace and tranquility. Together with Pink Opal, Onakite beads balance emotions with piousness. A stone of vision, Onakite, facilitates rebirthing by gently releasing conditions that hinder spiritual and psychological growth.

Healing Benefit of Pink Opal & Onakite-

  1. Pink Opal stimulates and unlocks heart chakra and instills one’s aura with calm, tranquil vibrations.

  2. Pink Opal serves emotional dysfunction in a breakup, losing a loved one, or even long-distance relationships.

  3. Onakite rejuvenates the reproductive system and stimulates healthy pregnancies.

Laced together with one another, makes Trilokpati mala a perfect option to heal the soul and mind!

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