Vishwanath Bracelet

Category: Mala

Price: $100.00

Go beyond the illusions of life to a realm where fear holds no place and where your consciousness dwells on your soul power and strength (Shakti).



The Vishwanath bracelet liberates you from your fears and purifies your mind and soul. Radiating positive vibes and divine power the tulsi beads and rudraksha beads in the mala grant you indescribable wisdom, freedom from negativity and strengthens your willpower.

Healing Benefits of Tusli and Rudraksha

  • Sacred beads of tulsi (holy basil) has incredible spiritual and physical healing powers as it brings you closer to the supreme Lord.
  • Wearing the tulsi mala brings you success, clears your aura and welcomes good fortune.
  • Rudraksha beads have a positive effect on heart and nerves.
  • Wearing rudraksha calms high blood pressure and stabilizes the senses.

Achieve spiritual awareness, balance emotions and transform your fears with the Vishwanath Mala.

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